God Speaks! Rabbi Mark Borovitz and Father Greg Boyle!


Moving margins so every one is a kinsman-Rabbi Borvitz

The Lord our God where is He? Yes the age- old and tireless conversation of man’s search for his purpose, meaning and existence . Esoteric and generic wrapped into great ball of mystery , the greatest question (s) that has stood the test of time and faced mankind from day one. Why am I here? Who or what made me?

Often we may wonder why God does not speak to me? Well dearest, He does but you gotta get the wax out of your ears to listen and as my dear departed grandmother would say in her North Carolinian drawl “Todd, Believe me you not, God is speaking to you.” Yeah get your mind around those words ,G money, folks been “spittn game or rapping ”  way before you were even thought of and they actually had something of value to say, unlike Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Beebs, and uhhh yeah. You get my drift.   Me? I knew exactly what granny meant and if I didn’t, cutting my own switch before it was applied lovinly to my backside sure did clarify the matter.
Childhood reminiscing aside, God speaks to us not directly as He spoke with Moses but rather through events, circumstances,situations,people,places,and things.
How did I find my way to this place, a seminar with two clergy that specialize in ministry of a special type, saving those that the majority of society has no want need or care for. The convicts, the substance addicted, the prostitutes, gangsters,and the mentally ill. If you have followed this blog at all perhaps you have an inkling, and for all who have not, to quickly surmise, my broken heart, mind, and soul brought me to this point of redemption. Decades of involvement with dope, alcohol, gangs, prostitutes, jails, and hospitals resulted in my spiritual demise. Well pilgrim my rehabilitation, recovery, and salvation did not happen over night such as the fellow Bad Blake in the flic CrazyHeart but I will spare you. Now let’s rock(think Al Bundy’s voice).

I have worked in my intern position all day and and a bit worse for wear, yet I anxiously await the seminar. After a body count and chow, I settle into my chair as the seminar begins. God speaks, no silly rabbit God did not appear before us. However two very special and wonderful servants have, Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries and Rabbi Mark Borovitz of BeitTShuva. To begin there is no agenda or script, These two war horses in the business of saving lives, just get down to it, in a friendly fashion, two friends having a chat. The seminar is humor filled as both the clergy posses a razor sharp wit. Dig Father Boyle’s statement, “The difference between God and man is God never thinks he is me.”Or the Rabbi’s straight right hand to the conscience, as he asked, “Are you the proud owner of a pulse? What is life getting out of you? we are to concerned about what we are getting from life.”
The two men of the cloth engaged the crowd not so much with preaching the scriptures but rather from a commonality of humanity and serving humanity together and moving the margins so everyone is a kinsman.  Pastor Boyle clearly stated, “If there is no kinship there is no peace.” The Rabbi went on to explain the Hebrew word for brother is very similar to the Hebrew for other. We can not look at one another as other was the point. “We are brothers not others,” Rabbi exclaimed. “We see people as problems and this is misguided thinking” said, Father Boyle.
The two leaders narrowed the focus to the heart and our relationship with God. Father Boyle, began saying, “Knowing Gods will is fulfilling His will as well. Rabbi Borovitz followed up, “We have lost sense of God and religion is the answer to life ultimate questions. Be a holy soul, loving in return. Be God’s representative”

The two concluded with answering questions from the audience several attendee asking as to how the two continued day in day out in a calling that is filled with not only hope , joy and redemption but  more than it’s fair share of  horror, disaster, sorrow, and death as well. Rabbi, pointedly, said” I am obligated to keep on as I am blessed. Without we there is no me”  “Now hear this, h.e.r.e as in here with this person, this moment, this place. I stay anchored in the now, freed from yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. I learned this when I began to burn out. ” Father Boyle answered.  Thank you Father Boyle and Rabbi Borovitz.

I am especially grateful to Rabbi Borovitz taking a chance on me and allowing me to intern at BeitTshuva.

Yes God speaks, mostly through men.

I am especially grateful to Rabbi Borovitz taking a chance on me and allowing me to intern at BeitTshuva!

“I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal” Jeremiah  (30:17)



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