Lost Enterprises International What Went Right # 2

map SCThe festivities got rolling for sure as the sun sank in the west, a slow nuclear samba, a farewell of radiant brilliance hovering for a moment on the horizon and quickly dipping into tomorrow to begin the trip on the other side of paradise.  Exchanging salutation and saliva with a muliebrous product of the O.C my blood pressure began to rise as well as an extremity of my anatomy. As my luck would have it; tan, bouncy, and firm’s side kick rolls in just as tan, bouncy and firm I might add, dragging away my slice of paradise just as the gushy stuff was getting good as  I was about to get the answer to the age old question of “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Toottsie Pop?”

Nathan Fletcher has arrived and although the kid is only 12 or so, surfing royalty is present and all must bow to the heir apparent to Christian Fletcher’s throne of rad. I must be fair the kid oozes charisma, talent, is cute as a bug, charming, well behaved and nice.Tan, bouncy, and firm are all over the kid, all 20 of them, blond, brunet, red, and all shades in between.  I could have taken lessons from the kid in the well behaved department for certain.  As the night wore on and you dear reader will learn.


To be continued…


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