American Guide # 53 South Bay Skates Torrance, California.

Perhaps you have noticed the stickers or t-shirts reading South Bay Skates (SBS). If not, listen close pilgrim! South Bay Skates is by far and a way my favorite skateboard shop in the world. Having been in hundreds of skateboard shops all across the big blue globe. SBS DSCI0001is a skateboarders’s paradise found for certain. The shop staff are friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and the prices are very competitive. The shop is a full service affair and the coup de gras is the skateboard museum.

James, the owner, lives breathes and eats skateboarding not necessarily in that order. You see, James has been riding , buying, trading, and selling the four wheeled revolution for several decades now with no end in sight to the love affair. Good times, bad times and all times in between James is all about skateboarding.   Roll on in, inhale the urethane and wood. You want to see Toger Johnson’s, Howard Hood’s, The Worm’s or Ty Page’s board? A tshirt from the Pepsi Team? A 1960’s skateboard manual?  It is all here, man at SBS, anything you want to know, view or purchase from the halls of Dogtown to the shores of Mt. Trashmore and everything in between.

Kick back and ask James anything, he is happy to oblige you. I suggest you begin with Gasoline Alley.

SBS is located at 3594 Redondo Beach Blvd  Torrance, CA 90504
(310) 327-9986


Tell em, Ger-I sent ya! DSCI0002


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  1. Thank you very much jerry

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