Immigration reform. Justice, equality, and for all?


truthHeck let me jump on my soapbox for a second will ya? How about a minute can ya’ll spare me that much time?  Rolling up to Mt Washington in the humid semi-dusk of the city of angels, an anger percolates under my melancholy mood. You see my good buddy Jiro is forced to leave the U.S as his Visa is expired. Never mind immigrant Jiro has played by the rules established by the U.S for lawful immigration.  Yes he applied to the consulate, dropped 25K in an account, waited 4 years for the approval and even established an S-corp, providing a few yobs (jobs) for U.S citizens. Yet as his visa expires, Jiro must leave the country. My anger intensifies as I pass tens of hundreds of unlawful immigrants on the streets on the way to Jiro’s now vacated abode . As we pack the remaining items he has not sold off to be shipped to Japan, we chat in Japanese I tell Jiro,”大変のに正しの事をやってると思う 高風を買けない。” ” It’s tough man but you are doing the right thing, man. A noble character cannot be purchased”

Herein lies the crux of our dilemma, American.  An absolute truth.

If and when an absolute truth will be heard and applied equally and justly, noble character, prosperity and peace  will also flourish in our society.  The continued acceptance and promulgation of a sliding scale of truth will purchase only more corrupt politicians, business, and a moral bankrupt society.


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