Checking in from Mindanao, Philippines. American Guide #56

Go west young man, go west. I took that advice when I was a young buck hopeful and unaware of any consequences other than drowning in the surf. I am no longer young yet still heading west, surfing and tripping. Dropping this blast as I am now in the far east, I travelled so far west. Can you dig that? Giving you the first American guide blog blaster from the beautiful, mysterious, war torn, poverty stricken, polluted, wealthy, and contradictory island of Mindanao. 240920136760This is a popular fruit, Dorian. The smell,flavor and texture is very distinct. It is ubiquitous to Mindanao. The first time I ate the fruit, I almost puked. Takes a bit of getting used to. Once one smells and eats Dorian, you will never forget the experience and will recognize the odor anywhere.    I’m shacked so I will get with you all a bit later. As we said in the 90’s, Peace out, I’m audio 5000!


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