American Guide #62 Austin’s Surf Shack, Jacksonville, Florida.


Let me tell you homie, I have been logging some serious miles the past few months to bring you the flavor like no otha my sista and brotha! Surf shops, I love them, I am at home surrounded by the wood and fiberglass dream machines and the sweet,sweet smell of new surf wax! Austins’is my kind of place, not the soulless mega barn surf markets, all shiny and shouting buy surfing rather contrarrrrrryyyy bro, this is Jacksonville’s oldest surf shop, run by one cool surf daddy,in the game not to cash in on the fad but rather because it is who he is and what he likes to do, plain and simple. “It aint much but it’s mine and I like it.” Austins says in a relaxed Florida drawl as I purchase a shirt for my daughter. I highly recommend ya’ll surfers stop by and purchase a tshirt too, much much cooler than any Hollister wearing fashion clown, that has never waxed a board in their life, will ever ever know.
Address: 615 3rd St S, Jacksonville Bch, FL 32250
Phone:(904) 249-9848
Hours: Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm – See all


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