1978 Reading @ The Punk Rock Museum. July 21st

First and foremost, thank you to the Lord God all mighty for blessing me with an ability to write and read, Jenny Lens for the photos, Taquila Mockingbird and Paul Picasso for inviting me,all of you that showed up to hear me, I appreciate you all more than you can imagine.

A public reading is a scary proposition, man! It is one thing to write a book, then quite another to stand before a crowd and read ones’ thoughts. One must bring it! To use current vernacular. I really have an appreciation for stage actors and actresses as this is no easy task. I can say I did alright however. Being a rocker, I know how to present myself to a crowd and entertain. Yet reading is much more controlled and regulated. People are listening to words, the story and one must be able to capture them, keep them involved and affect them, without the acompany, of music and other amenities. No easy task homie! Thank you all for your continued support!

You all are #1!

You all are #1!





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