Bilking America, Senator Dianne Feinstein, California


An epitome of the entrenched politician and an outstanding example of taxation without representation, I give you Senator Dianne Feinstein.
I have been attempting to get an appointment with both California Senators, Boxer & Feinstein concerning several issues for three years now. Both of their staff has stonewalled me. Well,they both have been busy as their staff says. Let us like just how busy one senator is!

Dear citizen, I ask you to examine just how Senator Feinstein is profiting a huge windfall on tax dollars. Senator Feinstein has orchestrated a hustle to convince her fellow senators to sell 56 buildings that currently house offices for the U.S. Postal Service. Rumor has it that the sale of the properties will fetch about $19 billion. An interesting, rotten and corrupt point to note, the company that will broker the U.S. Postal Service deal.That company is the CBRE Group and that spouse is Richard Blum.A commission of 3% to 6%, or about $1 billion, is definitely quite handsome and will be received by Mr. Blum and Mrs. Blum (Dianne Feinstein.)” These predatory elected officials are BILLIONAIRES! They continue bilking the citizens of California and America as we not only stand idly by by but re-elect the shysters. Hey did you notice yet the same people about to clear a billion $ are forcing the ACH on Americans (while exempting themselves), attempting to squash the 2nd Amendment and handing unlawful residents errrrrr undocumented workers amnesty. Sounds fair to me! Insert screw sans Vaseline. These people are CROOKS left, right and center. I will be lacing them up, again. I truly hope you join me.


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