Getting clean and staying sober. Exploring my mind and Topanga, California


Grey or sunny skies. The choice is ours to remain clean, sober and free from the bondage of substance abuse. Sounds corny, I know but it feels fabulous!

My mind is a little bit akin to one of my favorite old hangouts, the now dilapidated and deteriorating Topanga motor hotel on PCH across from good old Topanga Point.

To begin dear friend, the day began at the another familiar location, the good old Veterans Administration, getting a ‘lil tune-up so to speak.

Ring! ring! ring! (yeah “ring” as I have the phone set on the old style telephone sound from my childhood) A buddy in the fellowship calling last-minute asks me to be of service and fill in on a panel. My first selfish thought is to say it is to far and also last-minute. “All the way in Malibu?” I ask, half whining. However I do a few prayers and being convicted, I agree. So here I am deciding to visit an old haunt, The Topanga Motel as I motor towards Malibu,California.

Oh yeah man, tales of yore leap and slither about the broken and corrupted bungalows. Escapades galore, dude. Speaking a language many an alcoholic and addict understand with complete fluency they shout, whisper and cajole. Ensuring me those were the best of times. Of course Satan is the best liar, this side of a Pharisee.

Slipping in and out of the cracks and narrow paths of my mind and the motel, I touch the peeling and dry paint. Reaching up I grab the Eucalyptus leaves and crush them in my hands inhaling and exhaling deeply, the pungent aroma is a different type of intoxicating as it does not alter or numb my emotions but rather adds a natural and exciting quality of true and real to my existence . I gaze at the Santa Monica mountains now turning that familiar shade of L.A purple, gray and gold.

The now unkempt and overgrown Bird of Paradise bushes are in bloom, the sprays and splashes of the plumes leap out in a magnificent array of color and life.
I am alive and living unlike the motel.There are plans for a restoration. Thank God , I am restored in mind and spirit. Got to move G, the sun has set below the horizon and I got a job to do. What job you ask? Why to carry the message of hope and restoration, of course.




One Response to “Getting clean and staying sober. Exploring my mind and Topanga, California”

  1. Linda Hunt Says:

    Have a happy happy..stay safe xxamber

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