How to read American Gang Graffiti in Southern California


DSCI0065A good day to you and all aboard as today we are heading out to the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles, California. Located in the East Los Angeles quarter of the megalopolis, Boyle Heights is gritty, tough, and steeped in gang lore and legend. Hollywood has chosen the neighborhood and it’s gangs often for story and location. What’s my connection you ask and how do I know my way around this barrio? Eschucah me primo, or listen to me cousin. Many of my first forays as a child into east los as many like to say sadly was an unfortunate to appearance before the judge presiding at the juvenile justice system’s Eastlake facility or to the County Hospital (where the opening scene to my late grandmother’s favorite soap opera General Hospital was shot.) Being a ward of the court and an early entry into the L.A County criminal…

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