American Guide 65 Day tripping along South Redondo and Palos Verdes, California

My pride and joy (my beautiful teenage daughter) roll up on the Avenue Espalande and check the slight wind chop beach break. The h20 is very cold today therefore we decide to just cruz a bit around Palos Verdes. Sorry folks the photos are out of sequence just to keep you guessing a bit and perhaps yu you’ll give me a holla for a GUIDED TOUR!  Shoving off our first stop is the Palos Verdes Cove. Some of the very first surfboarding was performed here and one of the oldest surf clubs was also conceived at the P.V Cove. The cove is a slow and easy slide but out on the point is the Indicator, which can get quite powerful and hold a 20 ft wave no problem. The wave is a fast and hollow left that requires skill and stamina to handle. Heck the hike down the cliffs and 1/2 paddle out are hectic in itself and negotiating the heavy kelp can be hazardous as well. Not a place for hodads.

Next up is the infamous and brutal Lunada Bay. This is the classic and perhaps largest breaking big wave on the So-Cal mainland. The locals are first class A-holes, most being well to do, silver spoon in yob upper crust chumps. They can be negotiated fairly easily but for a wee bit of strategy.So dig me styleee will yazzzz? Back in the day when I lived in Torrance with Momo, (me Japanese peach girl.) I would have her drop me off at 5:00am. I would be in the line up sans wetsuit on s degree air temp and 50 degree H20 temp day. I would score a few bombs before any PV boys were out and after a few years, they just knew I was not to be bothered.  So much for my heroics , figure it out yourself man, if you want to sample the juice!

We continue to drive and stop at a few old (restored) lighthouses built at the turn of the century digging on the architecture and so-cal scenery. Low and behold a squadron of vintage WWII planes roar by flying in formation overhead, and in an instant we are transformed visually and audibly back into early 1940s Los Angeles. Victory!
Thank you for reading!

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