Lunada Bay Palos Verdes California. Surf Nazi Terrorists

All weather indicators suggested the time was right for perhaps the best wave in So-Cal to be on. Tide, swell direction and strength check, check and double check. The closest thing to Hawaiian power and size in L.A County for certain and perhaps in all of So-Cal with perhaps the exceptions of Ventura Overhead or Horseshoes in San.Diego. I’ve been surfing here stealth for several decades and I know the routine as well as danger. Yeah danger not so much from the wave which can drown a body for sure and not from falling from the precipice but rather from the surfer thugs who call themselves The Bay boys. Laying claim to being a locale of the gem of wave located in Lunada Bay in the toney, exclusive Palos Verdes peninsula neighborhood. These silver spoon in mouth, trust fund recipients are no different than the gangsters of Compton, Watts, Inglewood and other ghettos that lay in the shadow of economic prosperity and American exclusiveness. Well actually there are several exceptions. First of all, the Palos Verdes Police Department, Chamber of Commerce and other organizations and agencies have been in collusion with the surf Nazis, protecting them from prosecution and keeping outsiders from enjoying the surf. Secondly the pristine and exclusive neighborhood they reside in. Other than these factors, they share the same despicable penchant for violence,intimidation,and entitlement.

The travesty of justice, violations of civil rights, and acts of terrorism have been well known for decades yet nobody seemed to be able to do anything about the destruction of property, assaults, intimidation, and violence inflicted upon citizens by the wealthy sycophants and psychotics of Palos Verdes until the recent weekend of Jan 20th 2014. I must take a moment to brief you so let us travel back into the recent past before we go forward, so be patient, friend.

I have taken a youngster under my wing so to speak. The kid suffers from drug addiction and anxiety. I’ve been taking him to surf spots and teaching him surfing history etc. So as the swell is in, we trip around P.V checking Haggerty’s P.V Cove, Indicator, and finally Lunada Bay. Rolling up to the Bay, a sight I have never seen before and could never imagine in all my years of surfing greats us. Surfers everywhere! The cliff is lined with boards and surfers, there is a pack of about 40 out at the point, cop cars & motorcycles, several boats in the center of the bay, people going up and down the cliffs and cars parked everywhere! Yes everywhere. Man, I can’t believe my eyes! I explain the shameful history of Lunada Bay surf terrorism A.K.A localism to the kid as we check the surf. Something is up besides the surf. It is good but not classic Lunada. We head back down the hill and I drop youngster off. I know the surf will be excellent in the morning as I have the 6th sense 40 years of surfing the area instills.

4:45am Styler greets me in South Redondo Beach. I have called in the muscle, spiritual as well as physical. You see brother, this mission calls for firepower. We pray for God’s protection as we drive up “the hill.”

I know what is in store for us and the surf is the least dangerous factor in the equation. We park far up and away from the Bay near a ranch style home that lists for about 4.3 million. I know the local routine of bringing a pack back and changing at the base of the cliffs but I decide to shine it. This is a dead give away but I figure it is dark enough and nobody will be about as I have been going stealth for decades and I am usually gone or leaving by the time the terrorists show up. However I miss calculate and several Surf Nazis accost us at the trail head which descends down a steep, rocky drop of several hundred feet.
Styler accompanies me on this mission. He is about 5’10 and 210 lbs, has resided the past 30 years off and on in San Quentin Prison as well as other very hostile places. Intimidation,violence,and the lot are no stranger to him. He was known as an enforcer for the South-Siders or for you not in the know, Southern California Chicano gangs. Yours truly, a U.S Veteran and survivor of several attempts on my life. We have been chosen for this mission as God has redeemed us in His grace and glory. We are here to surf and preach the Word of God! We advise the thugs of these facts. They are screaming and threatening violence to our persons but they kept their hands to themselves. I found it strange they kept hollering and bawling about the internet and some poor soul they apparently beat up and he called the cops. They tossed rocks down as we descended and any one of the small boulders could have killed us. These losers displayed the same level of sociopathic wanton violence as the terrorists I had fought overseas serving in the U.S Army. The fact that we are humans,citizens and had every right to surf at Lunada Bay had no effect on their conscience. Neither did the facts that I am a vet that served my country and father of a 15 year old.

Oh the waves? Classic about 10′ and all time Lunada Bay, Big, powerful, fast and exhilarating! Well we prayed for Christ’s protection and paddled out sussing out the situation. There were three fellas out that were very surly and threatened us but we payed them no mind as they were no threat, just barking like a rabid dog with no bite. Stlyler and I would have mopped them up no problem. Several others paddled out and began with same threats and vulgar language. They were so sour and angry they were unable to enjoy the great waves. The best in several years for sure! These cowards surfing ability was mediocre at best and the best surfer out was the most sane and did not partake in the terrorism. Styler nailed a solid 10′ wave racing down the razor reef. I caught the next wave and as I swooped down the line dipping for the inside tube, a 35 year old-ish fella, dropped in on me, attempting to hit me. I skillfully avoided him and the lip surfing around him, cutting back a bit before kicking out. Drop in “local” was so peeved he screamed at me to get out of the water. He then said, “I should hit you in the mouth.” I replied, “Would that make you feel better?” He was so steamed up and red in the face, I though he was going to pop! I then prayed for him, Saying may the Lord Jesus soften your black heart. You see, we are in a spiritual battle as these folks are possessed by demonic spirits. He then screamed, “You are F@#king crazy.” as he paddled away. Styler caught and I caught a few more great waves, having a blast, hooting a hollering. The “locals” were so angry it was a shame as they ruined their session so focused on us and intimidating us. The really strange thing is the guys are in their 40s and 50s. What a shame. I guess a trust fund can’t buy happiness and goodness and for certain they proved cowards run in packs. Such a shame for Palos Verdes these folks give their community such a bad name. One last thing the poor fella these cowards beat up? I learned from another surfer at a completely different fellowship of Bill W, He helped organize a protest and “End to localism” event the day before. Citizens will no longer tolerate terrorism, intimidation and demand their constitutional rights and liberties! Surfing is a gift, the surf is God’s not human’s and we are commanded by God to love one another no matter how difficult and to be good stewards of the Lord’s creations.

Even w/a lousy 2009 cell camera from a 400 ft away on a 100ft cliff you can see the perfection and power of Lunada Bay.


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8 Responses to “Lunada Bay Palos Verdes California. Surf Nazi Terrorists”

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  4. […] Most recently, the Bay Boys allegedly harassed U.S. Army veteran Geri Lewis, who wrote about his experience in a Jan. 25 blog post: […]

  5. […] Most recently, the Bay Boys allegedly harassed U.S. Army veteran Geri Lewis, who wrote about his experience in a Jan. 25 blog post: […]

  6. […] Most recently, the Bay Boys allegedly harassed U.S. Army veteran Geri Lewis, who wrote about his experience in a Jan. 25 blog post: […]

  7. Great article! Thoughtful, interesting and colorful.

    • Old piece. I used to surf Lunada Bay on a regular basis. Great wave. There is plenty of attention and law suits against the locals going on now. The state destroyed their fort on the point. Thanx for reading!

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