American Guide # 67 Skateboarding Along the Mindanao National Highway.

Death wish? Perhaps. Not as much from the traffic as from the wrath of Neslyn my guide, friend and unfortunate recipient to my most ridiculous requests and kooky schemes. Such as my great idea to skateboard at twilight down the Mindanao National Highway. Being from L.A the traffic was not so much of a danger if you ask me (although the Higway is littered with crosses and other faith’s remembrance of a departed souls) but rather the rath of Neslyn. Ohh you have never worried or worse yet angered a Pinay? Whooo boy, are you ever in for a treat. If you ask me the U.S should elect a Pinay to the presidency as there would be hell to pay! The highway? Well yeah the buses, chickens, kids and every other conceivable form of traffic is most differently a treat. However I am sure the locals got a bigger gas the lone American on a skateboard asking ann early trip to the grave or a hospital.

What is a Pinay you ask? Sheesh kid, sign up for a tour why don’t ya?


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