Staying clean and sober. Relapse


A matter of fact and an unfortunate experience for all most all addicts, be it pornography, cocaine, money, overeating, opiates, spending, etc (the list is huge). We use substances to escape the pain and suffering of the many hurts that have been inflicted upon us, be it by others or self. Relapse is part process of recovery. However it is not an excuses to continue the harmful behavior. What is pertinent is to learn from the experience to prevent the relapse from occurring again. What the psychological and physiological “triggers” that lead up to the relapse? Explore these events and thinking? Be honest with God and yourself. Look friend, very very few in early recovery do not relapse, ok? Don’t beat yourself up over it, dig? You are bucking the odds, as substance use disorders change the brain physiologically ( the actual way the brain functions). You did not become an addict overnight and it is going to take some real effort to learn to have a new “go to'” when life gets dicey and life is always dicey. I know you can make this change as I have done it also and most of the world had written me off as D.O.A. However you have got to want sobriety and recovery more than anything and be willing to do anything to get &stay clean. Yeah, just like when you where out there and did anything for Satan to get a fix.


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