American Guide #74 Don Regilio’s Tex-Mex Lennox, California

Once upon in a time not so long ago, in an occupation I most thoroughly enjoyed (pool manager/lifeguard) in a section of Los Angeles I guarantee you will not find no talent Kim Kardashian nor the talented George Clooney n their or associates, friends, entourages, et al. What one will find however is Don Regilios! I have been passin’ by this curious looking little pueblo within a ghetto for decades. always meaning to stop in for a bite, I just had another eatery on the taste bud radar. There is allot of good tasting restaurants in Lennox! Finally, I dropped in the joint as I had a little side business in L-town
Located he heart of off of Inglewood Blvd in the heart of Lennox in what can only be described as a pueblo, is the very humble Don Regilios! The Tex-Mex advertisement and quaint wild, wild west exterior has always grabbed my attention as well as the small bungalows painted up in Mexican color scheme of fluorescent everything!

don[1]Never mind the screaming jets overhead hombre, as the hot sauce and muy picante slase roja do plenty of screaming of their own, man! Usually if a restaurants is void of customers I know enough it is a good sign to be avoided. However, I sussed out the join with a loud Compremiso! The waitress, cook and hostess matronly, sturdy and a good natured woman answered with a jovial holla! We chat a bit and she introduces herself, Seniora Margarita
The tiny place is clean and the food smelled very good as it is cooked up front, in view of the customer. I ordered 3 chili verde /cheese enchiladas and a Fanta Mexicana as I am living the moment esse.


I knew when she rolled out the masa and made the enchiladas in front of mi fascil ok? As the enchiladas hit the pan, Margarita brought me very made chips, salsa and frijoles to start. Salty, spicy and earthy! Next up is a scrumptious avocado and slasa salad served on a fresh lettuce leaf (looks like a boat). I am barley getting these side dishes down when the entre arrives. I dig in savoring the cheese and chile mixed embedded in the slightly sweet masa. Oh man is this place a treat. It’s just me, Margarita, the beautiful and tasty comida (food) and the screaming jets overhead. As I quaff the last of my Fanta, the check arrives, $11.00. I drop a Jackson as I hit the door and to quote Arnold, “I’ll be back”


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