American Guide #77 Dinahs Restaurant Westchester CA

Just north of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at the southern edge of Westchester, where Culver and Playa Vista meet is Dinah’s Restaurant. The eatery is known for it’s fried chicken and large menu. Unfortunately the food has declined to a very unpalatable quality and the service is terrible. The dining experience was so poor, human hair was in the glass of water as well as on my plate. To make matters worse, the waiter and manager were very rude. What a disappointment it was to revisit Dinah’s as I had very fond memories of eating there as a kid. The only item worth a visit is for a coffee and to view the architecture and design of the building. Built during the space race and jet age, much of this once common themed architecture has gone the way of the space race and jet age. Kaput.







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