American Guide #79 Califormulated Design Co. Signal Hill, California USA

Russ Campbell is a nonsense sort of guy. He has to be as his livelihood depends on it. Califormulated is Russ’ shop and business, located in Signal Hill, California. It was not easy to get Russ to sit still to shoot the video and he most differently makes up for it in the quality of design and product. Check it G money, he is not a funny man or an actor and does not pretend to be. Russ is all business, hands on from the computer layout to the screen press, Russ is making absolutely sure your product is THE BEST, bar none. Russ has had my business for 20 years making all the VSA, 1978, and Surf-A-Thon screen printing. Did I mention Russ is a creative genius? Seriously the guy is unbelievably sharp on catchy, marketable, and fresh designs. He knows his and your business, as your success is his success.

Click the link for more info on how to order.



press 2[1]

caliform[1] I don’t take my ideas and screen printing needs anywhere else. Califomulated is the best.


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