Reagan’s Wars New Publication. Tid bits for blog readers!

mapExcerpts from a short I will soon release entitled Reagan’s Wars.

“President Ronald “Reagan’s “hot” wars were fought for the most part by proxy and quietly as Reagan as well as Bush SR in continuation of (Reagan’s proxy wars)are unable to obtain official congressional support and funding In addition as well the collective national memory of the Vietnam was all to fresh of a scar… back in the stone age before the internets blogging or embedded reporters, any sort of incident and or mission was kept quiet unless the US government the ok as in the Grenada or Panama invasion. t. No embedded reporters or blogs to contradict official news release. Months or years passed before any sort of info would arise about Iran/Contra, FARC/DEA, operations in Honduras, Panama, Columbia etc. The Monroe Doctrine, Manual Noriega, cocaine, Sandinista and Oliver North are synonymous to the effort in suppression of communist influence in the region.

” Shoot an azimuth and have the grid coordinates specialist for that ridge line.” Our Team leader SSG Largent ordered as the security detail set up a perimeter and we unloaded in the” cold” runway as I rolled out the Humvee. Hells Bells, I knew we were in Columbia after flying south for an hour out of Howard AFB in a bucket of a C130. How did a mechanic (63B Hotel Identifier ) get on this mission? Gotta take you back to Primary Leadership and Development Course ( PLDC) at Ft Benning for that intel troop. It all began with my bunkmate, Corporal William Swift Hawk Smith a Ranger and half breed Crow Indian. During physical training (PT) in the 2mile run, I would ALWAYS finish second to him in our class. “You are fast White man but not as fast as Swift Hawk.” Smith said laughing. “Hey why don’t you sign up for Ranger school.” Get out of that line unit. I will put your paper work in and you can go straight from PLDC to Ranger School. I work for the CSM.”He says. A few days before graduation from PLDC, the Command Sargent Major rejected me on my MOS as it was not needed. However a slot was open for School of Americas SOA. “I see you speak Spanish and you have a college degree Specialist.” I’m recommending you to take the opening,” The CSM said in fatherly firm voice


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