They are listening! Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What does a 50 some odd year old White American man and a teenage Mindanao Philippine boys have in common? Not much you would think at first glance. However I found myself in the remote town of Initao Mindanao several years back. I brought skateboards and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I do my best to go easy and bring the message of salvation the best I can and surfing & skateboarding give me a perfect vehicle to reach some boys and girls that have been turned off the traditional avenues to Christ. I realized several common threads we all share are a need for a father and to have a good time. I am blessed to be able to share my love of Christ, His message and skateboarding with these boys. I have been able to take this trip twice now, growing the ministry just a little each time. It is awesome to see the boys and girls each year and their growth in Christ as well as skateboarding. They never know when I will return, there is no announcement or plan. I just show up with the blessing of the Lord! Thanks to Jesus Christ, Sir and Madam Damayo, Neslyn, Arbor Skateboards, Bulldog Skates, Sector 9, Carver, Lost, South Bay Skates and SPAUSA daboys[1]


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