American Guide #81 Downtown Los Angeles, California


Brilliant and warm, no hot, yes today is hot in the City of Angeles! The sphere of hydrogen and other gases igniting in the solar system, millions of miles away lights up the Los Angeles late morning sky. I am on business in an ever burgeoning bureaucracy of entanglement, the federal government! Ever on the look out I notice the once hidden yet now very obvious to me. One must have the correct angle and enlightenment. Notice the oblique as well as obelisk the architecture and the arrangement and finally check the alignment. Check the Masonic influence and not so hidden purpose of it all.
Well friend if you can find this location and take the picture of the alignment with you in in the photo, I will send you a copy of 1978 Crashed Memories, a tshirt and a FSG limited and rare recording of Pray for Surf all signed and personalized to the lucky winner!



hit the links for free listen and read!


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