What a Surfer Eats #5 Ichimian Bamboo Garden. Torrance, California



iya Years of studying the Japanese culture has so many rewards and they payoff in a most unsuspecting and at times surprising fashion. You see your American guide knows how to find the best and authentic of restaurants! I, surfer has to eat and one best eat well. I popped into this establishment for a quick bite as I had a pang for soba, the highly nutritious, healthy and in a Japanese diet, ubiquitous noodle, made from buckwheat. The set up is very unassuming and anybody not in the know would pass this spot on by. Yet I saw the writing on the wall as I parted the noren (暖簾) or business curtain.

Ahh so! This place is as real as it gets. The main floor is tachigui style(立喰い) and I know instinctively this is place is all about business. Having missed the lunch hour, I have the establishment all to myself!

Oh yeah now lets get down to it. I order and as I speak Japanese I strike up conversation with the proprietor, Mr. Shinsuke Hosoi no relation to the skateboarder. He is a really friendly and cool guy, very happy to serve the customer and to give me info on his restaurant! Now dig this, all the soba ingredients are from Japan, made fresh in the USA on location for the customer’s gastronomical pleasure. As I drain my Chawan (茶碗) or bowl of the last drop of broth and noodle I savor the earthy and satisfying flavor of my meal. Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden the best soba I have eaten outside of Japan. Stop in and enjoy a delicious, culinary delight, authentic Japanese atmosphere and dining experience! Tell ’em Ger-I san sent you! 勧める!!!!

1618 Cravens Ave
Torrance, CA
(310) 328-1323


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