Take me out to The (UCLA) Old Ball Game



Heading down the hill on four round urethane spheres in the Brentwood section of the Veterans Administration, I hear the familiar ping of an aluminum bat making unmistakable contact with leather. Sliding to a stop I look over the fence at the well manicured and inviting stadium of the UCLA Bruins. The Stanford Cardinal has taken the field first, warming up hitting and fielding. Might as well I figure as I’ve been unemployed for three years now and have nothing else to do. (How about that economic recovery? I reckon it is great for those on President Obama’s payroll and the other entrenched billionaires such as Maxine Waters and Diane Feinstein et al. ) The fellow at the gate informs me veterans are free. Remarking,I am alumni as well. He quips good-naturedly, “I will charge you twice then.” Taking my seat with two bags of peanuts (No beer as I am now 3 years into recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse) and a few waters I watch, listen and enjoy.

In the past sports was such a major part of my life yet as I increasingly become much enlightened to many of the d aspects of social conditioning and engineering and more importantly spiritually aligned, I have left the worship of sports. However this is not to say I do not enjoy the games and much of the sports trivia comes to mind as I scan the roster. Woo Todd Ziel’s son Shane is a star player on the team I notice.

As the Star Spangled Banner reverberates in and around Jackie Robinson Stadium, the fact of the lack of a real flag strikes me much as the ping of an aluminum bat as I regard the absurdity and significance of saluting a digital flag. Am I the only one in the crowd that feels this way? Has everyone else been sold this mind numbing, soul stealing display of allegiance to a media born obedience? Is it too much to ask for a real flag? Dammit, there are real men and women dying for a perverse lie they have been sold, much like a used salvage title car. “Still plenty of good miles left in this baby.” The sales man errr politician touts his plastic smile never fades, a permanent scar errr smile. (Just like that Twilight Zone episode of yore.) God Bless America President Obama stumps yet nobody is certain what god he is referring to. Hey, whoa man, I thought we were talking baseball here! Can’t you enjoy anything? Take it for face value?

Well The young coeds that sing the national anthem a capella are on pitch and sound great! (Vid not from the game)

Ok settle down, drink your water and eat a few peanuts. UCLA clobbers the Cardinal, the Zeile kid is as great as touted and UCLA hits for the cycle in the 5th inning. Summer is fast approaching and as I watch the jet go vertical in the distant twilight sky, lifting off from Skunkworks or Edwards AFB. I imagine the pilot’s head held back by tremendous G forces, vaguely wondering what solution is being sprayed into the atmosphere. It’s a wonder I’m still sober. Hey was that a home run? Well I’ve outlived my father John Lennon and Darby Crash. Good enough I reckon. Pass the peanuts will ya?


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