The value of a life.



As the New World Order continues to destroy the ethical, moral, educational, and artistic development of society especially targeting the youth, the value of time honored traditions, practices, and values are discarded as so much unwanted garbage. My heart broke as I sifted through a woman’s life of diligent study, unmatched hardship and experience won at a tremendous cost. Had she no family or friends to care for these priceless items?

The classic books such as Setsume’s Botchan and Hemmingways The Old Man and The Sea, in perfect condition along with photos of a classically trained Ikebana (flower arrangement) and mundane common items everyday use such as a household items such a Hashi (chop sticks)contain such a rich, interesting and important lessons. The morose feeling of hopelessness and dejection sinks in, and I practically weep with despair opening a pristine volume of Ukiyo-e prints by Hokusai. Flipping through the pages, I thumb across a 1942 edition of The California Times a Nisei news paper. The infamous Roosevelt Order Executive Order 9066 subsequent interment exclusionary zones are detailed. Packing up he all the item, I figure I will bring it to the Japanese American Museum on 1st in Los Angeles.


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