Safety Briefing! Deshutes River, Maupin Oregon



Early Am patrol. Short summary, inexperienced young driver and poorly maintained vehicle are the culprits. Brakes failed and rig jackknifed spinning 180 degrees (initial direction was down hill.) Slamming into cliff side. If she had steered to the other side, the rig would have plummeted several hundred feet to the river below.

I found the young female driver semi-conscience and in shock in the road, ejected from vehicle. I treated her, for shock and possible concussion. Her employer arrived and transported her to hopefully further medical attention. Thankfully the accident was fairly minor in scope it could have been much worse if the van had a full load of passengers or the driver turned the wheel right instead of left.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, the brake system had no peddle, nor emergency brake. complete and catastrophic failure of the system.

Word to the wise, when booking an outfitter, check their reputation. Look over their rigs. Bald tires, dented up, worn out equipment, no driver credentials displayed? Good indicator the operator is shady at best.


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