Shogo Kubo. R.I.P

DTS shogo

Loving father, husband and friend, Shogo Kubo you will be missed by many. Jinsei wa fukuzatsu (人生は複雑)、(人生は複雑) Jinsei wa kantan . Jinsei wa taihen (人生は大変). Sho ga nai. (しょがない) It can’t be helped. Gaman shimashita. 我慢しました。 Endure life’s hardships.

You did, often silently as well as enjoyed the good times exuberantly.
Mysterious, intriguing and often funny, you are the unfathomable Zboy and an enigma to the multitudes of skateboard fans as they were unable to pigeonhole you or find you for that matter! What can I really write homie? Words don’t express sentiment very well. How can I articulate a feeling of gratitude and loss properly?

You helped tutor me in Japanese as well as a frontside lapover layback, or at times just talk story and gas, be it in Japan, Hawaii, L.A or wherever we happened to cross paths. Farewell tomodachi(友達),farewell.
Shogo Kubo,Banzai! 万才


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