American Guide #85 The Dalles, Oregon. USA

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The Dalles. As I heard folks talking about The Dalles, silently I wondered, what is The Dalles? A nightclub or more appropriately as we are in cowboy country a rodeo or feed barn? Well I was to find out soon enough as a very painful abscessed tooth required me to hitchhike into The Dalles, which is a story into itself which I will get to soon enough. Well he Dalles is a pleasant little town located on the great Columbia river. A former U.S Army Calvary outpost this warmed my heart as I have a great affinity for the calvary being a former 3/12 CAV squadron trooper.


DSCI0087 DSCI0088 DSCI0082 DSCI0085 DSCI0086 DSCI0096

Lewis and Clark  as well as other great pioneers and tribal peoples inhabited The Dalles area. Yes these people were great and the feats they accomplished unfortunately are not recognized as great due to the current political agenda of demonizing White Americans.  Well so much for my socio/historical commentary. Dig on the architecture and scenery of  The Dalles, Oregon, I saw allot of it walking  the entire distance west to east on the Brewery grade. Thank God for physical fitness! By the way, I especially like the leaded crystal windows of the home and the Granada theater.


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