American Guide # 87 Presto Delicatessen. West Los Angeles, CA. What a Surfer Eats!

DSCI0116Surfboards on the racks and Malibu the destination, I make a quick stop in West Los Angeles at Presto Deli, I pre-ordered my favorite Presto delicatessen specialty, the Spinach Salad Sand which complete with Fete cheese, Tomato and Tuna and a Banana Strawberry Smoothie. Parking the ride in front. I pulled out a chair digging in to the wholesome,very tasty and quick meal. The patio is pleasant and breezy and the many beautiful people passing by make for excellent window dressing and conversation as well. Ty Goodwin long time surfer and DJ extraordinaire always has a set of tasty music as well to compliment your meal. Finally the staff is very competent, friendly and cheerful.

In closing, I grab a few handmand Tamales and a cup of freshly ground Java for the quick jaunt up to the “Bu” A good 3ft south swell is on and your American Guide is doing “Da Cat” all day and into the evening, I need all the nutriment and help I can get. Presto Delicatessen delivers as well.
Stop on in and get in the groove! Presto Delicatessen is located @ 1849 Sawtelle Blvd West Los Angeles,CA.


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