A kind word and a kind response.

untitledHave you noticed the inability of today’s society to speak with etiquette, courtesy or decorum? The atrociousness of the current generations impropriety is certainly a symptom of the times, I am convinced. Currently in vogue is the reply of uhhh huum when one says thank you. Just for old times sake lets go over a few common courtesies and pleasantries. Thank- You are welcome. How do you do? I am well, Pleased to meet you. My pleasure. Try it out. It is the simple daily language that can drastically change not only your attitude but others as well. We are sinking into a barbaric society, lets change it around one courtesy at time. Shall we?


2 Responses to “A kind word and a kind response.”

  1. Suzanne Carlin Says:

    Well said!! And so true!!

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