Soul Seeds New Release from Yukalicious.


Dropping the digital needle to the digital platter, the musical and cultural theorems unwound in the metered time, the tempered and soulfully crafted fusion of Japanese, Hawaiian, American and Jamaican bloodlines warmly pulsed outbound.  A newer  much more mature Yukalicuous sound. Although true to her roots and stable go to of the above mentioned music and cultural influences, a new yet wiser, yes wiser and richer sound reaches the ear and musical taste buds.

In Soul Seeds, an emotional and spiritual  growth is apparent in the new numbers   Yuka and long time collaborator Anton Mata’s maturity and parenthood have provided a fresh and new outlook to the music.  Yuka Matsuda aka Yukalicious ukulele playing and lilt of her voice wash over the listener much like a slow rolling southern Japanese wave lapping patiently and enchantingly , warm and inviting. Anton Mata’s bass lines are solid and strong carrying the tunes much like a sumo wrestler carries his weight, elegantly yet an unshakable foundation that allows the players freedom to soar to musical heights, explore and return to the rock solid bass. Grab your self a copy of Soul Seeds, plant yourself a garden and enjoy the fruit!


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