Tidbits from 1980. Nanawali Lava Trees State Park



The Nanawali forest is dark in the middle day and at dusk the shadows are difficult to distinguish from the lava formations and other objects. Buckets of sweat dripping from my brow and body, I dare not budge from my “puka” concealed by ubiquitous Uluhe fern. Wide eyed and afraid to draw a breath, I watch the dope deal go down between several fellas. As the haole guy closes the drunk of the chevy and a satchel quickly exchanges hands, the participants climb into a Scrambler Jeep and fire up the vehicle. Relaxing just a hair,to I ease back on my cramping haunches to feel the unmistakable cold steel of what can only be a shotgun. “Easy fo to loose one da kine life, boo.” I hear the Kanaka whisper behind me.


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