A changed heart.

How does a man change? Not a superficially but a genuine transformation. Often we don’t even notice we are being changed until a moment of crises or perhaps severe emotional trauma. What we relied on and perhaps believed in to be a fundamental truth becomes exposed as a falsehood.

In the past I was of the opinion pornography, prostitution, substance abuse, and many other forms of self abuse were acceptable behavior. However through a series of events I can only describe as God directly intervening in my life did I begin a transformation of the heart. A heart transplant if you can get with that sort of an analogy.

You see with people, a spiritual change begins on the inside of us, in the soul. Plenty of folks purchase h augmentations, material items, use substances to change the way they feel about themselves yet they cannot escape the one thing that will not change. Their broken heart. No cosmetic surgeon of MD can perform this sort of procedure. It is far to complicated and delicate. This is a spiritual transformation of moral and ethical behavior. The harmful actions and conduct such as abortion, substance abuse, pornography, fornication and fighting become very apparent these are un-Godly and disastrous to spiritual development and enlightenment. There is only one physician that is able to do this sort of work.
His name is Jesus.
You may think this Jesus works for free but that is not the truth of the matter. You see He laid down his life and denied his divinity to be able to save, man. Can you dig that? It will cost you too. Jesus requires you to give up worldly lusts and desires to follow Him. However He will be successful in His operation! Want a new heart? Is it worth it to follow the Son of God? Or perhaps you were like I was. One foot in the world and one foot trying to follow Jesus. That is a no go, homie. Jesus will deny you before the Father. He said it and is serious about payment for the surgery. A new heart is not cheap or easy to obtain!

I would be a liar if for one, I told you I stopped all of my immoral conduct immediately, yet I kept going to the clinic (church). I kept on reading the instruction manual (The Holy Bible), and most important I kept a daily, hourly sometimes second by second conversation with the Doctor (praying).

Guess what G money? I have been celibate, alcohol and drug free for 3 years now. I treat people and myself with respect and dignity. No not all my problems have vanished into thin air. But my heart has been changed and salvation guaranteed! That is a good thing I believe.


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