(The lack of) Entertainment.

download (4)Hurrah! I am very impressed at Gene Wilder’s commentary. He spoke as to the filth and lack of substance and talent in film and entertainment industry today and why he refuses to take many roles as well as his stupendous career. His commentary reminds me of a recent engagement I was invited to at the Comedy Club. Generally I turn down these invites as the acts are so much rubbish. However as a friend was on the bill, I showed up to support him.

Sitting through the “acts” I was struck by the filth & callous nature of what these “comedians” deemed funny. The women made light of being raped and sodomized and the men of acquiescing to homosexual behavior of the current culture. Their inability to actually be funny, witty or jocular was pathetic as was the audience’s accepting the commiserable attempts at comedy. Yes we have arrived. At the end of the line, hopefully.


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