Reaching Across the Aisle


I am sure you’ve heard plenty of rhetoric as to cooperation and understanding. Take a look around your congregation. Does everybody look the same? You know what I’m saying man. Well I am always one to put me cash where my yap is. Look preacher man, if you are me not willing to get uncomfortable, to get out of your safety zone. How and why do you expect your congregation to? Moreover those that are lost without God to follow you? You got to be the agent of change. Step out in faith.

What did I do? I joined a church with a 99% Black congregation. To be certain, I don’t agree with much of the politics in the church. That being said I immensely enjoy the fellowship and the spiritual teaching.

American, we have got to it together and the church is the place to do it. Our cities continue to be engulfed in tumultuous and deadly riots, our children are being slaughtered and families destroyed. Despite decades upon decades of social engineering, man is no closer to solving the problem of a depraved mind than he was in the day of the Roman Empire. Jesus is the answer to understanding our fellow man and peace in the human heart. I pray you have a conversion if not saved.

A great example of how God works is my meeting a kind, talented and saved brother in Christ at church. If I had never gotten out of my comfort zone and become a member at City of Refuge church, I would be at a loss. So dig it, man.
A huge treat at City of Refuge church last week was the performance and the opportunity to meet talented actor and Minister Boise Holms. His brief yet inspiring rendition (in German and English) of a scene from Lion King had me shouting, “Bravo from the pews” I spoke with Boise a bit after the show approaching him speaking German. He informed me he learned all his lines in German and really does not speak the language! Even more impressive as his accent and pronunciation is impeccable! Bravo Boise! Hey brother, sister, reach out across the aisle! We have more in common than we realize. God is waiting on you to make a move! Do it for God, do it for country, do it for all of us!

check out Mr. Holms bio here:


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