Reaching Across the aisle. #3


I’ve been working on this book for a while now and I figured I would give ya a slice of pie. Especially considering the horrible situation(s) across America going on now. Check it , America, lets us look beyond our past, beyond the acidity of race hatred into the conscience of our creator let us get past this division and join hands to build a world of understanding and peace.

Lance Lamond and son Matty. Lance and I had a very close friendship. We both share many similar experiences, one of them being stabbed (literarly) by the clique members we put so much emphasis on. Lance and I traveled the world together, Matty being in his mom’s stomach in the brutally hot Japanese summer. We snowboarded together plenty sure enough. One time confronted by San Berdo Nazi Low Riders. I reckon ya’ll have to wait for the book for the rest of the story. Soon to be released. “American Conversations in Black and White.” Forward by Taquila Mockingbird me thinks.


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