Language Usage and a First Impression(s).

LittleTokyoThere are times and places to use colloquialisms and slang in everyday conversations and salutations. However the increasing inability of adults as well as teenagers to use adjectives and adverbs other than “amazing” to express themselves is quite a disappointment and certainly a pet peeve of mine!

For example I turn off a quite good and informative radio ministry  (of a very knowledgeable and theologically degreed  pastor of a very large church in Los Angeles) after just 2 minutes as I cannot stand his juvenile speech. Honestly the pastor sounds buffoonish despite his solid theocratic teachings and I feel very put off by it. He was unable to describe the esteemed and very simple yet eloquent and succinct deceased pastor L.Vernon McGee as anything put “The Old Pastor”-sic. Hearing his banal and disrespectful description, I though to myself this fellow could not even hold the esteemed and venerable Dr. J Vernon McGee’s book bag.

We have got to do better, American!

Look I’m not asking for an exhortation of  the highest degree with complicated sophistication or high mindedness just a small amount of thought as to what you are saying!

I will leave you with a very good example of the inability of the average  American and the  poor level and command of  English language usage. Take the  7 year old that walked through the woods in the dark after a plane wreck,  killing her parents. Her ordeal and self -will  is truly an amazing feat and can be accredited to God if you are so inclined.  On the other hand that, dear friend is a taco you are eating, it is not amazing. The resort you vacationed at is not amazing. It was pleasant, beautiful or perhaps fabulous. Expand and learn vocabulary to adequately describe the situation and circumstances you are experiencing. Your speech is an immediate indicator of your mindset, character,and personality to interviewers and others who make snap decisions based on first impressions.


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