Lesson learned about self publsihing. ( 1978 Crashed Memories Hollywood & amp;Dogtown) CA

muirLessons learned from writing Crashed Memories (the first of my publications to be self published) To begin, be certian to have somebody reputable and educated with proof reading experience, proof the manuscript! I received plenty of criticism for the typos in 1978. Despite the advantages of spell check etc it is necessary and will save you grief! Despite the at times very harsh criticism of several, the first editions serve the reader well with insider information and insight that few are privy too outside of our circle and even fewer willing to share or are or able to write and record in an honest and entertaining style. You see writing is a craft, and is refined, honed, and mastered through time and effort.

Excerpt-” Reddog and Froggy introduced me to Paul Cullen. Paul rode for the famous Pepsi team as well as the infamous Zephyr team. Paul (Cullen) was like Jim Muir in the fact he never talked about or used his fame as a pro skateboarder to show off or elevate himself (in our clique) in any way. In fact it seemed to me they wanted to get away from all the hoopla of pro skateboarding.” Rest in Peace Paul, I miss you bro.




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