T.D Jakes at City of Refuge Los Angeles CA.

td jakes In the presence of a very skilled orator and communicator, is unfortunately not a common experience these days. Yes these days, these days of mass media relative (un)-truths and instant communication, the likes of  which has mislead, deluded and diluted the minds of several generations. Yes these days, which may perhaps be the last days of the human race as we know it on the Earth.

T.D Jakes, bigger than life on the podium of City of Refuge extolled and exhorted me to, leave it be! Teaching on Saint Matthew’s (13:30) book of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he  proceeded to dismantle and examine the lesson of the wheat and tares.  As I absorbed the message of  Bishop Jakes, the thought of Orson Wells and James Earl Jones immediately come to mind.

The man is a pro’s pro. Captivating and all absorbing he commands and demands your undivided attention in Jakes’ taking you with him from introduction to end of the sermon. All the theatrics, dramatics and skills are employed to move the individual and corporate to the a point of enlightenment and knowledge.

How many times have I heard and read Matthew 13:30? 500 times perhaps? I am sure the number is actually greater. The common teaching is be wary of false teachings, deceptive practices & teachings  and look alikes that proclaim a gospel other than the Messiah’s. However never have I been brought to the depths of T.D Jakes’ instruction. He brought me to the core of human thought as he expounded on Jesus’ command to leave the tares alone, as the average thought for most men and women is to go immediately and fix the problem or in this case to remove the tares.

Jakes expounded the teaching exploring human psychology in the face of the enemy (Satan). The uncanny propensity of men to want and need to fix things, especially men and women in the ministry. Jakes brought us directly to the human problem, the inability to let go and let God handle the situation. Continuing, Jakes takes us into the middle of the night into the lonely, worried, and doubting mind of man as he tossed and turned in the bed, sifting and sorting the impossible, as frustration and overwhelming inability entraps the human mind. You see, Jakes’great empathy is on full display as he self-discloses his own experiences in ministry and life.

Suddenly the building seems to shake either from the multitude shouting and leaping or Jakes’ amplified voice as he bellows, “Jesus said, let it alone!”  Just as suddenly his voice is calm and soothing allowing us a respite from the the tounge lashing and he again allows us into his world and the challanges he has faced in his humanity and converstions with the Lord.

This is no ordinary sermon, the man has an annoiting from the Lord all mighty and he uses it to all advantage and appointment of the supernatural to urge you to the great salvation of Christ Jesus.

The existence of God and the will of God has been the question for many a great philosopher and common folk alike since the dawn of time. For this lowly blogger,  God Jehovah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is mighty and real.

Look man, 8 months ago I was living in the bottom of a very remote canyon of central Oregon, having become so disillusioned with media, the American government, the big city,  world events, I beganshutting  it down, three years ago as far as T.V and began listening to strictly Christian programing on the radio, resulting in a cumulative entire shut out of all media. The garbage they are feeding folks became unbearable for me.

Bible in hand  I sought relief in the seclusion of  Wasco County’s Deshutes River canyon. I had no knowledge of T.D Jakes or Noel Jones’ ministries.

How did I find myself back in L.A a memeber of Noel Jones’ “mega church” shouting and praising with perhaps 1,200 other  followers of the way you ask? Surely it is the will of God and I reckon you will have to keep reading this here lowly blog to find out. Stay tuned, G-Money.



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