Surfing So-Cal. Seal Beach, California


In the Shadow of the Great White Ghetto of Huntington Beach surrounded by the U.S Naval weapons depot is a pier and Robert August surf shop. The town of Seal Beach is typical So-Cal beachy. Nice, tight and White. Keep it cool and all will be cool. They locals love their town just the way it is.

You got to want to surf Seal Beach as it takes a detor or two off the main path to get their. Otherwise one might as well keep heading on down the road to the more illustrious and commercialized and accesible OC ghetto know as surf city to some but hey Santa Cruz got something to say about that homie!

Seal beach folks are pretty cool and mellow. Be respectful in the lineup and you will get waves. Stop in one of the many eateries and a classic surf shop to help the local economy as they are appreciative of the business.

Those detonations? could be the Naval weapons depot going up but most likely a shallow bomb of a wave on a west swell!





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