Tidying Up with American Guide Ger-I




The coffee stained copy of the Wall Street Journal on the table, reading about the Tidy Up phenomena of Maria Kondo with interest and just a tad of admitted jealousy I thought to myself, “I’ve been doing this sort of thing for decades. So with no further ado, I invite you to G.I Ger-I’s US Army inspired and trained TA 50 Tidy UP G.I Party Review!

Yes soldier you are recruited and will be enlisted in the Tidy Up Army! If you don’t know, TA 50 is the nomenclature for all of your personal gear for a bug out. The TA 50 inspection is an essential part of maintaining good function and serviceability of equipment, clothing and personnel. All items must clean as a whistle and well maintained. In other words STRAC. Stay tuned trooper and enjoy the work trouser review


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