Suicidal Family. Origins. Venice,California



Returning to the scene of the crime, walking up on the cold concrete slab, I run my fingers over the impressions, long dried and set in memoria. My mind flickers as the celluloid memory of our youth runs back in black…and white. Who would have thought we were changing the course of music? Not us man. Especially me to busy having a good time. Besides how long you want to live anyway? I never thought I would see 18 yet alone 53!

Do you really want to know the origins of a band that became a movement? Really the truth. Not a fabrication as to somebody being a cholo but the truth as to how the it got started. Really man, Suicidal Tendencies was built on the fanatical allegiance to the band, which put the band on the musical map, which in itself became metamorphic vehicle for destruction, mayhem and a good time if this happened to be one’s delight. In no way is my assertion attempting to devalue or denigrate the music of the band, nor talent nor the business mind of
Mike Muir as he was all about it.

Mike was driven to succeed.

He deserves credit were that credit is due. However his desire for fame, fortune, success and to portray an imagine that was not the truth or reality to who he was (is) and his roots, led him to deny and turn his back on many people from the neighborhood (Venice) and affiliate cliques (Suicidal Long Beach gang) He claimed to represent. Homies put in work for S.T, some gave their lives for S.T. Mike turned his back on them, when he said Suicidal Tendencies was not a gang. He sold out.
Mike threw us under the bus.
Mike also ripped off member’s music and the name Suicidal Tendencies from the original members. He did not think of the name by himself. It was a group effort and the result of a book.One member sued Mike to obtain their publishing rights and royalties. However many did not get their due.

It hurt to be left out in the cold man. Struggling, and getting bombed on, holding down our hood to the bitter end and Mike is up in lights throwiing Vs playing our #s fronting as if he is down and put work in.

It aint so.

You could of reached out and helped a homie. Played a show in the neighborhood, booked a few local bands with Suicidal, mentored some kids or something(lol Remember the Mentors Mike?) Helped build the skatepark.
Anything man but you left us hanging. Boned out, man.

Shades of Okidogs man. You know what I’m talking about Mike. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Rest in Peace Jay Adams and Dennis Agnew (Polar Bear).

This is the bottom line and unvarnished truth. No animosity or ill will intended. Posterity deserves the rectitude

Check it there are only a few people, really very few that are able and willing to show or tell this sort of history. I took a little trip back to the now googelfied and gentri-fried former “hood” of my youth, Venice CA. I located the slab of concrete where we wrote our names in wet cement before the first ever Suicidal Tendencies show, (in a hair salon).

Read the book if you want to know more about it. Stoked I got this on wax as the way Venice is headed,this slab of concrete will be dozed along with the street in a month or two.


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