What a Surfer Wears. Surf fashion 101!

IMG_20150307_174135First and foremost gremlin, is to be comfortable and casual. Nothing worse than  either a euro-poser sweating it up to the tune of Vogue by Madonna with a Rip Curl rash guard  in the nightclub or a hipster douchebagger strutting down Abbot Kinney with stove-pipe “skinny jeans on, sagging no less. Pure kookdom.

Now if you want to be stylish, functional and comfortable , pay close attention dear reader!
I speak from experience and knowledge having been in the game for 4 1/2 decades and working in the field for 3. The work pants are Dickie brand, great for around town and being on the go, inexpensive and comfortable out of the store and only becomes smoother with time and washings. I am wearing a Surf-A-Thon brand work shirt with limited custom print on back and pocket. I issue these exclusively and as written limited quantities. The shirts are cotton and or cotton blend, look cool and wear very cool as well. Underneath I am wearing a plain white cotton tshirt to stay fresh and breezy not sleazy. Deck shoes and white cotton mid ankle socks keep it functional, comfortable and affordable. Topping off the ensemble is a Peter Grim fedora (also a cotton blend) to add bit of character to my giddy up.

Get with Surf-A-Thon brand if you want what a real honest to goodness surfer gets down in daily. Born and raised in Venice,CA 53 years in the running! IMG_20150307_174217IMG_20150307_174019


more styles and designs at: surfandskateventures.com


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