Louicidal LP Review

louicidallp louiebassLouie Mayorga, looks left then right and accelerates into traffic.  One hand on the selector, other hand on the wheel, the  Blvd known prior to 1990  as West Washington rolls by “, ” I am really proud of this Lp. Listen!” he says, and with a quick flip of the wrist and my watchful eye on the ever-present  looking out for “the faust”, the strains of Loichi’s first solo Lp resound with a distinctive variety of fruit of the Suicidal Family .

This ride is a trip into the past, future and present. Lou selects the numbers and then fills me in. “Ok listen you hear that? That is Dale”, as Changed World is on que. Louie pulled out plenty of stops and friends for this LP and it features several Venice All Stars from former No Mercy, Suicidal Tendencies players, current BWF members and current Fishbone and Bad Brains  members.

Lets begin most appropriately at the begining.Bart Saric’s cover art, a rendition of Big Lou on a bass guitar/skateboard, blasting an air, sets a down home Venice style flavor and is a great addition to a well crafted album. The lp is most differently and definitely Suicidal Culture. As previously mentioned the Lp guests 5 former players from Suicidal Tendencies, Louie Mayorga,Rocky George, R.J Herrera,Grant Estes, and Amory Smith who all get down and busy  adding a unique flavor to their cuts of  wax on this piece of wax.

As Louie continues explaining the songs and we pass by locations were homeboys were gunned down, their families home’s bought out by speculators  and now multi million dollar mansions and celebrity deuche-de jor has all but replaced the barrio,  we get into Knife fight.   The 6th song on the Lp comes in vehemently , Lou punches me again, hard  in the chest. Look homie, Lou is 240 if he is a pound. He is packing a punch.  “Yeah Lewis, it’s personal,” Lou says as we roll on. I know instantly who this number is dedicated to .  I believe this to be Ochoa’s best song on the record. His voice is strong, demanding attention and staying in the pocket and melody. Locked in with Louie’s bass  thumping strong & clean  is R.J’s smooth steady pace. The song is a metalish grove for sure.Rocky George is Rocky George. He is stellar and blazes the track. The shades of 1987 S.T  are a return to the future for any S.T fan.

Estes and crew also team up busting loose on a few S.T  numbers of yor that never made it on wax taking the listener even farther back into the future.

Louicidal’s Marty Ramirez lays down solid guitar and riffing  as well as Rich Rowen on drums  and Ricky Reynega is on the Kumbaya track as well as a host of other solid players adding to the family atmosphere.


Louie, Rocky George, Ricky R.

Finally H.R from Bad Brains and Bass Fiend Romy Dee get down with a down tempo  rasta- jammy Kumbaya version.

Louicidal is Marty Ramirez,Mando Ochoa, R.J Herrera, and Louie Mayorga.


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