Art is where you find it! Custom Homes Venice,CA. The artisan.

postmodern upper case3stair casegrain

I reckon if you been reading my blog at any frequency at all you’ve figured I wear  plenty of hats.  Art is in the eye of the beholder and often the beholder is unaware of what they are beholding. Whoa did I write that? Dang homeboy n homegirl, G is getting deep. To deep for the mortal mind.

Well anyways folks this is how its done, step by step in building a custom stair case for a custom spec home. Yes we are artisans! We took our time and well you can see for your self the results. Enjoy the luxury and up close and inside look at how we do it. Giving a big shout out and thank you to My employer and contractor Rob Alvarado who designed and built the staircase.  The finishing flooring material is walnut and the cabling is stainless steel with matching stainless steel hardware. The paint is an automotive acrylic sprayed on the cold-rolled steel posts and support beams. The toughest part of the job though was installing the heavy beams used to support the entire staircase. The flooring is a smokey oak wich contrasts well with the post modern flat white wallsa nd black staircase.

Get at me if you need something built or even a lil interior decorating! We do it all!







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