No hero. Ron Jeremy Exploiter of humanity. Ed OP

In this twisted upside down world. Plenty of folks look up to the infamous, aged pornography and sex industry promoter Ron Jeremy. Let me be one to tell you, in my opinion he is no hero and nobody to look up to.
Check it homeboy, I have a personal connection to Ron Jeremy. No I don’t know him nor does he know me yet its personnel. Very personnel. For several reasons but mailny for the pain he helped to inflict on my family. I run into Ron around L.A as he and I both work in the entertainment field. Jeremy does “legit” work as well as pornography. His infamy allows it. If I was not saved by Christ Jesus and his commandments to forgive and love those that hurt us, I think would beat him down a good ass whipping. Why do I detest Jeremy you ask? What is my beef you say?

You see Ron Jeremy helped “turn out” a young woman I know very well. He and others “turned her out” into pornography and the sex industry with several other well known pimps including the exploiter, pornographer .Powers. The woman I refer to is no longer young and now is very ill.Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her family is distraught and broken as well over the two decade “career” in the sex industry which has virtually maimed her. Ron Jeremy is a man (I use the term loosely) that will suck his own penis for millions to watch, a man that will turn out your daughter or son the second she or he turns 18. Ron Jeremy is a perpetrator of the pestilence on society known as porn and is a legalized pimp of human beings aka a pornographer. Ron Jeremy the panderer of human flesh is nothing to aspire to be nor to look up to. To read more click the link.


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