Who is listening?

73772533Hanging at Torrance Starbucks, two Japanese women, waltz on in flashing plenty gold and designer brand name accessories. They are actually walking on tip toes, literally noses in the air. As they look me over and snear down their nose at me saying in Japanese, “ずくなし”, (sugunashi) or good for nothing. So I replied in my best Japanese、仕事ないので、今度 ぜひ、 あなたのMercedesは洗う時、ずぐなしな人、連絡していただきませんか? ”Oh please、I don’t have a job so without fail would you contact lowly good for nothing when your Mercedes needs washing?” lol they got real red in the face. Thing is I would wash their car. I could use the $ as I have been unable to send the shipment of books to Mindanao. Which leads me to asking ya’ll if you would puchase a Venice Surf-A-Thon or 1978 Crashed Memories tshirt. Proceeds go to MLD Christian Charity School.


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