American Guide #108 Armenian Neighborhood, Hollywood CA

biblejesus The Lord is an awesome God and I praise Him constantly. I just happen to be walking to a job interview and the Holy Spirit prompted me to hang a left and I saw the cross in the sky. Upon walking further, I arrived at the Apostolic church. The door was open and after a few salutations with the Pastor, I entered the sanctuary.

I am no stranger to Armenian folks or Hollywood CA, During my Judo career I got to know many Armenian folks. They are a big part of the California Judo community. Hollywood CA oh yeah you know I know H-wood very well especially this if you have been reading this blog for any length of time or 1978 Crashed Memories one of my books.

Hollywood’s Armenian community is very much alive and well as you can see for yourself. Hollywood is one of the first locations on the west coast of the USA the population settled in, so the culture has taken root. Armenian folks are sometimes very aloof, clannish and suspicious. I reckon they have a reason to be considering their history. Just as well they are passionate, funny and kind also. The Armenian history is one filled with much tragedy and suffering as the street mural attests to the persecution by Islamic Turks in 1915. Well as you can see from these pictures the Armenian folks have plenty to say and express the collective thoughts , emotions and feelings in various mediums across the neighborhood. This beautiful church is located on St Andrews Ave in East Hollywood CA. A beautiful structure and tranquil location to pray and meditate on HIs word. staind stained3 wounds wounds2


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