Pioneers of the tribe. Rest in Peace Dave Sweet.


I tried my best to talk Oscar out of making a bench out of a beat up tank of a longboard but to “know” avail. The skeg brutally sawed off and legs through bolted. I practically wept as I pleaded, “Don’t do it man.” rubbing my hands lovingly over the fiberglass relic. “Dude this is a Dave Sweet board man”, I cried. Homeboy just did not realize or care to hear my pitch to hold on to a water logged 70 pound fiberglass behemoth of a surfboard. I refused to sit on that bench that sat in fron of Extreme Surf shop on Main Street Venice, CA. Yeah it was like that.

Dave Sweet’s passing is another in the legend of the surf tribe. A pioneer in blowing foam and surfboard design Dave’s surfboard making legacy goes back to the beginnings of modern day surfing.

There is plenty to read about Mr Sweet and I wont linger to much on it other than to say he was years ahead of some that made sure they got plenty of credit for Dave’s inventions/innovations. He made a great impression on the Santa Monica /Venice crew getting a start in the early mid 70s.

Homie sort of faded away out of the surfing picture like many cats that were not loud, brash and a self promoter. Dave Sweet was a U.S military Veteran, father, husband, brother and surfer among many other contributions to the world. Thank you for turning us on to something sweet bro! Condolences to the Sweet family and tribe


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