How to read Southern California Gang Graffitti #107 Gardena CA

gtwn gtwn2  Wandering the barrios, one will come across writing that is hieroglyphic in nature  and to cypher the meanings one must immerse oneself in the culture. Nothing to unusual about this piece or is there? What catches the discerning eye?  This mural is located in the heart of Gardena CA.   The vibrant colors and block script are commen place  as is the Blessed Virgin Mary. The standout feature  on for this piece is the equal billing the American flag receives with the Mexican flag.

I have not sceen this depiction often. Mexican/chicano/latino/raza whatever name the (in)group tends to identify with,  (as it is really convoluted within the population) said population has a distinct inability or refusal to separate nationality with ethnicity.  Many times when put to the questione a person born in the U.S and of Mexican ethnicity will identify as Mexican rather than American.  This mural is a standout in recognizing the struggle of ancestors that strove to be American and achieve the status of citizenship of not for themselves but thier children and grandchildren. Unwittingly or perhaps not, the artists  (being of Jewish/German/Anglo) stock) and family members that are of Mexican heritage, the mural included me and my ancestor’s struggle too as we are wrapped up in the flags as well.


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