Spots you most likely will never skateboard. Fresno CA

Julz girl sk8r bikiniSo do you believe the reports of the economy recovering? Has it recovered for you? Well one residual benefit from the American economic depression is the abundance of empty pools to skate. Fresno CA is and has always been a  a pool hunters mother load.

Fresno, CA is  hot as a furnace in summer and freezing cold in the winter. If you cant read a map or GPS navigator you may think you were in the badlands of Colorado near Oklahoma except for the grape vineyards. Fresno offers migratory farm labor work and migratory skating thrills for those so inclined.   The epitome of burly backyard skating ‘crete not made to skate is depicted in this photo of Julz.

I aint about crotch or booby shots and if you are a regular reader of this here blog you know I am not a supporter of pornography. That being said this photo is pure unadulterated gnarly skateboarding.

Photo unknown but I would like to give them credit if I knew em!


One Response to “Spots you most likely will never skateboard. Fresno CA”

  1. Sounds like no place I wanna be.

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