Allysha Bergado. Girls who skateboard! (better than you homie!_

11150901_1081625345186667_8257954048661346364_n 19 year old So-Cal female phoneme Allysha Bergado lets her skating do the talking! Watch it fella s and dont even think about barging the session as you will get put in check faster than a wicked Smith grind to revert.
Featured in several TV media projects such as a Nickelodeon “Get Healthy” commercial, EA Skate 3 commercial, and a 711 Slurpee Promo. She was also a star role in both an episode of Disney Channel’s Get’cha Head in the Game Showcase and an AT&T Web Video Promotion.
Allysha competed in her 1st X-Games Women’s Vert contest at only twelve years young. She has participated in many other events and some of her latest achievements are: 1st Place 2011 Girl’s Combi Classic, 2nd Place Tim Brauch Memorial and 2nd place Chili Bowl.

Etnies Shoes
Hoopla Skateboards
187 Killer Pads
SoCal Skateshop
Bones Bearings/Wheels11119094_1081626031853265_3253595301599370381_o


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